In honor of World Art Day, April 15, 2016, ART of Hearts launched the Live in COLOR Campaign; a celebration of the power we each hold in our uniqueness and the collective impact we can have when we create change together.

The #COLORCoded shirts are a fun way to express yourself. Each color represented on the shirts have a corresponding Hexcode; a technology-based HTML code that represents that specific color. Subsequently, each color symbolizes and stimulates different characteristics and emotions, as we each embody qualities that make us, us. Below are the personality traits these colors best represent. 

By wearing your #COLORCoded tee boldly and confidently, you not only live in your color but you contribute to the bigger picture - helping to improve the lives of children and their communities by leveraging the power of art to enhance self-expression, social well-being, innovation, creativity, and togetherness.


Proceeds from your COLOR CODED tee will be used to purchase art supplies for upcoming 2016 ART of Hearts workshops. Your purchase will also help fund our Teacher Training Program, an initiative to ensure teachers are equipped with the skills and resources to continue providing art therapy in schools in developing countries.