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Out of the Box: A colorful lesson on togetherness is a children's book we can all relate to, about the beauty in our individuality and the power of our collective impact.

The book uses a creative group of students (crayon characters), and their teacher (a crayon box), to tell the story of the different characteristics that colors possess, the uniqueness of each color, and the beautiful BIG picture these colors make when they work together! 

"Out of the Box" is perfect for children ages 4-8, but has lessons we all can keep with us. The book uses artistic mediums such as crayons to speak to various issues many children face as they work to develop an understanding of themselves as individuals, while simultaneously building social relationships both in and out of school.

We strongly believe in collective impact and what happens when we all get together to make a difference –We're #BetterTogether! With your support, Art of Hearts, Inc. will continue its mission to provide and promote art therapy and arts education to deserving children and communities around the world. 

This book is the first of many books we plan to create to help facilitate the teaching and learning of art as a tool for development. Coupled with our teacher training programs, these books will ensure that the artistic and developmental messages and practices we are promoting continue to be learned and shared throughout the world.